Our 2021-2022 Dance Season

Our 2021-2022 Dance Season will consist of

0n-Site Classes

Dance Classes will take place on

Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays (see schedule)

The Dance Season will begin on Saturday October 2

and conclude on Saturday June 4

Students can participate in:

Mommy & Me

*Beginner/Intermediate Dance Techniques*

(A combination of Ballet, Modern &Jazz)

Latin Jazz


*Beginner/Intermediate Hip Hop*


*After-School Dance Classes*

(A combination of Ballet, Modern &Jazz & Hip-Hop)





One-Time Registration Fee of $25.00


$10 per class per week per class

  • Tuition can be paid weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, but must be paid on or before the day you attend class(es)

  • If you are registered for a class, you are responsible for the fee even if you are absent

*Payment of the registration fee will secure your place in the class*