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Welcome to Just The Place

Our mission is to help, all that participate in our programs, develop an appreciation for personal and academic development via a variety of activities. 

JTP's wish is to offer today’s youth and adults an opportunity to enhance their level of consciousness by exposing them to various forms of artistic self expression. 


We are committed to our community by satisfying their need for positive self expression through the development of a strong and unquestionable sense of dignity to all participants in our programs.

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Jus' Dance Academy

A Dance Family is the best family

Saturday Dance

A developmental dance program that provides quality dance instruction in all genres of dance for ages 3 & up. Including but not limited to;  creative Movement, Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Praise, Tap, Latin and African Dance

After School Dance

An Introductory dance program for children ages 4 and up. This program offers classes in basic Ballet, Modern/Jazz and Hip Hop 1-2 times per week

Adult Dance

A program specifically designed for adults, offering beginner to advanced classes in Ballet, Modern, Jazz, and Praise Dance


Training Academy


Heaven in Motion Liturgical Dance Certificate  Program

Heaven in Motion (HIM)

is a certificate program designed for the beginner to advanced praise dancer and/or leader. 

It provides the participant hands-on, active training in the genre of praise dance. 

Students will experience academic training as well as dance training.

Each participant that completes the course will receive a certificate of completion.

Pageant Academy


Wear Your Crown Proudly

You stand on the shoulders of your ancestors

Formally Know As

The Miss Ethic Queen Pageant.

The pageant was develop to showcase the riding talent of today's youth and promote positive self-esteem in our communities as well as honor our roots and ancestors. 

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