Theatre Works


Theatre Works is the stage, film and literary component of Just The Place Inc. that involves Project Coordinator Veora Robinson and Program Director Derek Wright. Theatre Works provides an artistic outlet for experienced and novice screenwriters, playrights and novelist to develop their craft in their respective field. Just The Place Inc. believes that diversity in creativity reaches a broader population.  

Veora Robinson is a licensed educator, dancer, choreographer and playright. She created an urban dramatic stage play entitled 'Don't Say It's Too Late' and founded the H.O.P.E program. 




'Don’t Say it’s too Late' is a dramatic inspirational play filled with music and laughter. The storyline surrounds four female friends who support one another through their daily trials and tribulations. The focus of the play touches on a variety of todays situations such as domestic violence, open marriage, low self-esteem, and conflicts with lifestyles and spirituality.  




H.O.P.E (Helping Others with a Purpose to Educate) is a program that targets females from 15 years of age to young adulthood. H.O.P.E is designed to educate and assist women with issues they  face such as domestic violence, teen pregnancy, low self-esteem, drug addiction, and difficulty achieving their immediate and long term goals. The program offers a variety of workshops that provides assistance accomplishing the aforementioned issues that include guest speakers, dance therapy, book discussions, spoken-word guests, and more.  

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Derek Wright, a retired 1st Grade Detective of the NYPD, has infused his twenty years of law enforcement experience and keen sense of imagination into writing two full length movie scripts entitled 'Concrete Dreams' and  Dark Blue'. He also converted these scripts into novels. He has also written a dramatic short script involving the 9-11 tragedy entitled 'When The Dust Settles' , five original reality show specs and is working on his biography. 


        Derek and his business partner, Vincent Beckles have also developed LEVERAGE, a comprehensive training and consulting service that utilizes their expertise from over 40 years of criminal investigative experience into  lecturing and training organizations in how to better protect themselves, their reputations and their assets from the ever increasing external threats of today's changing environment.


        LEVERAGE is proud to announce the addition of a new facet to our training systems that we refer to as our ‘Youth Empowerment Seminars’. These seminars are geared toward training and mentoring inner city youth and young adults involved in New York's city backed programs.  LEVERAGE firmly believes that our young people are our future and made a commitment to giving back to the same inner-city communities that served them well.